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eMarketing - eMail Marketing and Loyalty Solutions by eBusinessSolutionsLLC.com©

eMarketing is the most cost-effective customer retention and generation program. You target your customers, communicate directly with them to generate brand loyalty, repeat business, and customer recommendation / referral; the best way to grow your customer base. With eMarketing there is no haphazard blanketing of zip codes with direct mail coupons – no "junk mail."

Why is Direct Mail Marketing Ineffective?
Coupons received in the mail are considered direct mail.  Direct mail marketing is the mass mailing of an advertisement.  Businesses choose which zip codes they wish to have their coupon delivered.  The direct mail company bundles the advertisement either in loose coupon form or coupon book/magazine form and delivers them to the zip codes chosen.  Recipients of direct mail did not request the mailing – some consider this “junk mail”.  Since the mailing was not requested, companies using direct mail marketing may have little to no response; success is related to the product or service the business is attempting to promote, its popularity, and many other factors.

Want to know more?

Consider the following eMarketing scenario for a restaurant: You communicate monthly with members of your loyalty program, your list size of 1500, each containing a buy-one-get-one-free offer.  You get a 10% response rate for 3 of the 12 messages, adding up to 450 visits.  At $25 (for 2 people) check average, that’s $11,250.

Additionally, if only half of your members responds to any one of these offers, that’s an extra 750 visits that may not have otherwise happened, to the tune of $18,750.

So, for a minimal investment – one that is lower in cost than blanketing several zip codes with direct mail coupons – "junk mail," with eMarketing, you could have a return somewhere between $11,250 and $30,000 a year.

Do not waste money sending direct mail coupons, haphazardly blanketing zip codes.
With eMarketing - eMail Marketing and Loyalty Solutions, you invest in your future by developing brand loyalty and repeat business.

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About eBusinessSolutionsLLC.com:
From eMarketing© to web design, hosting to search engine optimization, eBusiness Solutions, LLC is a total web presence provider, offering managed solutions for all your online marketing requirements. Together with affiliated companies ePresenceSolutions.com, 24HourTemplates.com, and eResellerSolutions.com, the company offers customers the most comprehensive suite of Internet presence resources.

Operating within the concept of social responsibility, eBusinessSolutionsLLC.com and affiliated companies allocate a portion of the profits to a "Building a Better World" (Tikun Olam) fund; we give back to the community donating time and monies needed to assist with various community and charitable projects.

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